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Last updated: January 24, 2024

How to clean data for better chatbot recognition?

If you're experiencing issues with AskHandle not answering questions thoroughly after uploading your files, or pasting information in the plain text section, it's likely due to unstructured data within your files or information. Unstructured data can include tables, special characters, and extra spaces that may confuse the chatbot. To resolve this, follow our simple data cleaning process outlined below:

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Data

  1. Copy Your Data:
    • Open your file.
    • Select any word in the document.
    • Press Command + A (for Mac users) or Ctrl + A (for Windows users) to select all the text.
    • Copy the text by pressing Command + C (on Mac) or Ctrl + C (on Windows).
  2. Use AskHandle Document Cleaner:
  3. Paste Your Data:
    • In AskHandle Document Cleaner, you'll see a text field.
    • Paste your copied data using Command+V (on Mac) or Ctrl + V (on Windows).
    • Note: If your document exceeds 600 words, you'll need to clean it in sections.
  4. Start the Cleaning Process:
    • Click the “Start Cleaning” button to begin the data cleaning process.
  5. Download Clean Data:
    • Once the cleaning is complete, download the file with your clean data.
  6. Upload Clean Data:
    • Return to the Command Center.
    • Upload the new file containing the cleaned data.

Or, if you have documents ready for data cleaning, you can upload them directly in AskHandle Document Cleaner. To upload your documents:

  1. Go to AskHandle Document Cleaner
  2. Click on "Upload your document here"
  3. Drag and drop your document into the space provided, or click on the "Choose Folder" button to select the file
  4. Click on the "Upload Document" button to upload your document
  5. Click on the "Start Cleaning" button to begin the data cleaning process
  6. After cleaning, click on the "Download the cleaned document (docx)" button
  7. Return to the Command Center and upload the new file containing clean data

Congratulations! You now have a chatbot-friendly version of your file, ready for fine-tuning. If you encounter any further issues, please refer back to this guide or contact our support team.

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