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Last updated: January 8, 2024

Can I use images or videos for fine-tuning?

AskHandle is based on text, and only text can be used for fine-tuning. If you import information with images and/or videos or insert webpage URLs that include images and videos, AskHandle will not be able to process them, and fine-tuning will not be performed on that information.

It is crucial to import solely text-based files when fine-tuning.

In some cases, text is embedded within an image, especially on webpages or specific promotional materials. It's important to understand that even though text is visible, the file is still considered an image, and AskHandle will not be fine-tuned using that information.

What can you do?

Our suggestion is to import text files containing the information found in your images or videos. Alternatively, you can manually extract the text from the images or transcribe your videos and then import the text into the Command Center for fine-tuning. This approach will ensure that the information you've imported is fine-tuned, enabling you to provide specific answers and generate targeted content.

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