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Last updated: May 15, 2024

How to choose the right Data Source Mode for AskHandle?

Selecting the appropriate data source mode is important to ensure that you receive answers and generate content that aligns with your requirements. Below, we provide a detailed overview of the three available modes, enabling you to identify the option that best suits your specific needs.

AskHandle provides three "Data Source Modes" to select from: General Data, Your Own Data, Combined Data, Image Generator.

AskHandle data source mode

1. General Data Mode

In General Data Mode, AskHandle creates content and provides answers using publicly available information, primarily from the internet. This mode harnesses the standard capabilities of GPT, which makes it suitable for a wide array of prompts, content generation, and for swiftly providing answers to many common questions.

It is important to note that General Data Mode does not use any proprietary information you may have uploaded for customization purposes.

2. Your Own Data Mode

In Your Own Data Mode, AskHandle uses only the information you have uploaded for customization to generate content and provide answers. It will not access or supply any information beyond what you have provided.

Furthermore, this mode is designed to omit small talk; therefore, casual phrases like “thank you,” “bye,” or “great” will not prompt a social response from AskHandle unless such interactions are included in your uploaded data.

If AskHandle encounters questions it cannot answer with the provided data, it will revert to a default “contact us” message. You can customize this message in the Appearance section of your AskHandle dashboard, under Option 2.

3. Combined Data Mode

Combined Data Mode is the default setting where AskHandle gives priority to the information you have uploaded for customization, ensuring that all responses and content creation are based on your data. This mode allows for small talk, meaning that casual greetings and farewells such as “hello” and “goodbye” will be acknowledged and answered suitably.

Please note that in this mode, AskHandle will not offer specific details about other companies, products, or services unless you have explicitly included that information in your uploaded data.

We recommend using the "Combined Data" mode. This strategy optimizes chatbot efficacy, ensuring it consistently delivers meaningful interactions to your customers.

If data security and privacy are paramount, "Your Own Data" mode is a viable alternative. Don't worry, no matter which "Data Source Mode" you pick, AskHandle promises not to use your data to train its AI or share it with anyone else. Your chatbot is just for you, working only for your business.

4. Combined Data Mode

The Image Generator mode allows you to generate images by simply providing a text prompt.

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