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Welcome to the era of Generative AI

Elevate your customer support and unleash your creativity with generative AI, powered by state-of-the-art large language models (LLMs). Designed with prebuilt chatbot features for effortless integration and use, Handle stands at the forefront of AI-powered chatbots available today. It's time to embrace generative AI and experience the future of customer support.

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Import your content

File upload, URL input, or simple copy-and-paste.

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Automatic fine-tuning

Instant training on the content you've imported.

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Personalized support

Answers are generated directly from your content.

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Build exceptional products in record time
Power of Artificial Intelligence

Deliver exceptional customer support around the clock

Provide instant customer support and ensure customers receive the information they need whenever needed. Simply import information regarding your company, services or products, and Handle is ready to answer any questions your customers may have.

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Handle is the only customer support solution you need.

Revolutionize Customer Inquiries with Handle Chatbot

Revolutionize Customer Inquiries with Handle Chatbot

Using Handle Chatbot, the Cog Railway now offers real-time support, effectively managing inquiries and enhancing the customer experience.

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Let’s enjoy the hyper growth

Let’s enjoy the hyper growth

The implementation of Handle Chatbot has improved the customer experience and contributed to the growth of the overall business

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More appointments and more renters

More appointments and more renters

An automated and user-friendly chat experience that has resulted in higher engagement, scheduled tours, and occupancy rates.

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User-friendly and effective

The chatbot that exceeds your expectations, guaranteed.

Finally, you can rely on a customer support chatbot to effectively resolve customer inquiries, completely eliminating time-consuming and repetitive support-related tasks that were handled manually by your teams. Powered by the most advanced AI engines, Handle will enhance both your organizational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Ready-to-go solution

Start within minutes. Handle is pretrained to understand customer queries and prompts in more than 90 languages.
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NLP and generative AI

Utilize the dynamic capabilities of artificial intelligence to deliver an intuitive conversational experience.
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Seamless integration with your tech

Connect your tech stack with Handle to streamline operational workflows and enhance customer satisfaction.
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Simplify business processes with smart automation

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Howard law

"Due to our hectic schedules, my team quickly recognized the benefits of using Handle. It is always available to help customers that require support, allowing us to focus on what we do best - create effective marketing campaigns. I love it!”

Theresa Bailey
Head of marketing
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