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Last updated: January 8, 2024

What is a Data Source?

A data source is a repository where your data is stored, from which AskHandle generates answers and content. There are three methods for importing data into each data source: you can upload PDFs, DOCX, CSV, TXT, and Markdown files, insert a webpage URL, or simply write or paste information into the plain text field. You can choose to use all three methods simultaneously or separately.

What data should I include? Should I also include questions?

The imported data should be relevant to the goal you wish to accomplish with your AI chatbot. Any information that you’d like AskHandle to provide as an answer to a user query should be included in your data source. You don’t have to include the questions along with information that would answer those questions. However, you certainly can if you wish. AskHandle is pretrained to understand user queries regardless of the language they are in or how they are structured. For example, you can simply upload a PDF document containing information about your services, product features, contact information, or anything else written as regular text paragraphs. AskHandle will automatically be trained on that document, so whenever a user query comes, AskHandle will automatically answer the query with the relevant information from the document you uploaded.

Can I simply insert a webpage URL and have AI answer questions based on the information from the webpage?

Of course, every data source has three ways of importing information, and inserting a webpage URL is one of them. This is a very simple and straightforward way to train your AI chatbot. There’s one instance where this method won’t be optimal, and that’s if the webpage you wish to train the AI on doesn’t allow crawling. If the webpage doesn’t allow crawling, AskHandle won’t be able to access the information on that webpage, it won’t be able to get trained, and ultimately, it won’t be able to answer user queries. This is an important point to keep in mind when choosing the way to import information for AI training.

Is the chatbot trained when I import my data into the data source?

Once you import and save your data into the data source, please allow a few seconds for the AI to process your data. Refresh the Command Center page after a few seconds, and if the “Processed” label is shown next to your data source, it means that your chatbot is ready. If you still see “Unprocessed” next to your data source, wait a few more seconds and refresh the Command Center page until the label changes to “Processed”.

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