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Last updated: January 8, 2024

What are Messages?

This is the part where the entire interaction between users and the chatbot is stored. This is also the part where you can directly chat with users, if you turned off the automation.

To access this section, please log in to your account and click on the “Messages” button in the “Menu”.

All previous interactions and current interactions can be seen in the “Messages” section. On the right side, you have the option to quickly find any previous interaction by typing the user’s name in the search bar.

Type in the name of the user and the interaction with that user’s name will be shown in the results.

Turn off the AI If you or your customer representatives are available and want to take over the interaction, you can turn off the AI. This will disable smart automation (no more automatic answers) and your representatives can chat directly with the users.

Option 1: Turn off AI and join a conversation. Hover over the left sidebar menu, go to the “Messages” section, and click on the “Use AI” button; AI will be disabled for that particular chat. If you’d like to turn it back on, click on the “Use AI” button again and if there’s a blue color, the chatbot is on again.

Option 2: Turn off AI globally. You can turn off AI globally, not just for a particular chat but for every new chat you receive, so AskHandle becomes a live-chat tool, and your representatives can chat with users.

If you’d like to completely turn off AI, hover over the left sidebar menu, go to “Appearance” -> Autopilot -> Use AI during the chat, and turn it off.

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