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Identify what your customers need, answer their questions, and provide solutions instantly.

Upgrade your workflows with the chatbot

Use AskHandle to automate your workflows and processes


Processes a large volume of requests, reduces wait times for responses and improves the efficiency of workflows


Uses advanced machine learning technologies to improve the accuracy and quality of chatbot responses


Designed to meet various business needs, it excels in streamlining both external and internal interactions.

Automate your workflow

Incorporate a true virtual worker into your workforce to alleviate the manual workload that arises from time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

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Interactive options

Simple hand-off process

Let AskHandle manage all the standard questions and routine inquiries. Identify and set up high-value customer queries and intents, which require the expertise of a designated representative, and seamlessly route them to the appropriate department.

Interactive options

Optimized for success

Integrate the perfect blend of smart automation and human support and achieve optimal efficiency in your business operations. With AskHandle as part of your existing processes, you can maintain steady growth without incurring additional costs. Take your standards to the next level with AskHandle's powerful capabilities.

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Customer Intent Routing

With Customer Intent Routing, you can direct chat inquiries related to particular customer intentions to designated departments or representatives. For instance, you might have specialized representatives with expertise in distinct domains such as sales or support, and route particular customer chats related to sales or support to those designated representatives.

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Customer Intent Routing

Rich and Engaging Chatbot Responses

AskHandle can include a variety of media types in its responses, such as text, videos, links, images and more. By incorporating these rich media types, you can provide a more interactive and informative experience for your users. Whether you want to show a demo video, provide helpful images, or direct users to relevant links, AskHandle has got you covered.


Easily manage your AI worker

You have complete control over every chatbot part, from effortlessly managing the chatbot's knowledgebase and customizing interactive options to configuring chat box visuals and structuring system integrations, among other functions. We have simplified the entire process for you, so you don't need to possess technical proficiency or have an IT team to use AskHandle.

Available 24/7

Available 24/7

Always ready and accessible. Automatically engage with customers whenever they have questions and assist them throughout their journey.

Available 24/7

Instant response

Provide effective and instant resolution to customer inquiries. Whatever information your customers need, your AI worker is here to instantly provide it.

Available 24/7


Communicate in every major language. Customers can effortlessly start chatting in their native language and receive a response in the same language.

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