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Abilene Christian University

Abilene Christian University (ACU), located in the heart of Texas, is a private, non-profit university affiliated with Churches of Christ. Known for its commitment to Christian values and academic excellence, ACU has carved out a niche in higher education since its founding.

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Published onNovember 23, 2023
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Abilene Christian University

Abilene Christian University (ACU), located in the heart of Texas, is a private, non-profit university affiliated with Churches of Christ. Known for its commitment to Christian values and academic excellence, ACU has carved out a niche in higher education since its founding.

Brief History

The university was established in 1906 as Childers Classical Institute. It was an ambitious project spearheaded by A.B. Barret and Charles Roberson to bring Christian higher education to the West Texas region. In 1912, the institution changed its name to Abilene Christian College, reflecting its growing academic stature. In 1976, it attained university status and became known as Abilene Christian University.

Throughout its history, ACU has been dedicated to providing quality education within a Christian context, striving to foster an environment where students can develop their faith alongside their intellectual pursuits. From its early years with a handful of students to its current diverse student body, ACU has maintained a focus on preparing individuals for Christian service and leadership throughout the world.


Abilene Christian University offers a wide array of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. Within its various colleges and schools, such as the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business Administration, College of Education and Human Services, College of Biblical Studies, and Graduate School, ACU emphasizes innovative teaching, rigorous scholarship, and meaningful research.

Students can choose from more than 70 majors ranging from business and education to the sciences and arts. At the core of ACU's curriculum is the Liberal Arts foundation which aims to graduate well-rounded individuals who are not only experts in their fields but also educated in the broader spectrum of human knowledge and culture.

One of the notable aspects of ACU's academic experience is its emphasis on experiential learning. Students have access to hands-on research opportunities, internships, study abroad programs, and service-learning projects that enrich their educational journey.


ACU regularly features in the rankings of top colleges and universities. It has been recognized for its exceptional undergraduate teaching, commitment to student success, and innovation in higher education. While specific rankings may change from year to year, ACU consistently performs well in categories relevant to Christian education, undergraduate teaching, and service-oriented programs.

The Princeton Review often includes ACU on its list of the best colleges in the Western United States, while U.S. News & World Report has ranked ACU among the top regional universities in the West. Furthermore, ACU's business, engineering, and nursing programs have also received individual recognition for their excellence.

Student Life and Community

Abilene Christian University offers a vibrant community life anchored in Christian principles. The campus includes state-of-the-art facilities for learning, sports, and the arts. ACU believes in fostering a well-rounded student experience that enhances personal and spiritual growth.

The university hosts various student organizations, clubs, and intramural sports teams. Spiritual life on campus is rich with opportunities for worship, fellowship, and service, including daily Chapel services, local mission efforts, and global outreach programs.

Campus and Facilities

ACU’s campus combines classic and contemporary architectural styles, offering a picturesque environment for study and community engagement. Advanced facilities such as the Hunter Welcome Center, the Onstead-Packer Biblical Studies Building, and the Halbert-Walling Research Center provide students with inspiring spaces to learn, innovate, and collaborate.

The university also prides itself on its residential living experience. Residence halls and apartments are designed to create a sense of community and belonging among students, fostering relationships that often last a lifetime.


ACU's athletic teams, known as the Wildcats, compete in NCAA Division I as part of the Southland Conference. The university prides itself on its athletic accomplishments and strives to develop student-athletes who excel both on the field and in the classroom.

Contact Information

For individuals interested in learning more about the opportunities available at Abilene Christian University or the admissions process, below are the contact details:

Admissions Office Abilene Christian University ACU Box 29000 Abilene, TX 79699-9000 Phone: 325-674-2650 or 800-460-6228 Email: [email protected]

Prospective students can also visit the admissions section of the university's website or schedule a campus visit to experience ACU firsthand.

For additional information about Abilene Christian University, interested parties can explore the following resources:

In conclusion, Abilene Christian University not only offers exceptional academic programs but also fosters a strong community environment where students can grow personally, spiritually, and intellectually. Its commitment to Christian values and preparing graduates to lead and serve with distinction sets it apart as a distinguished institution of higher learning.

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