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Grow customer relationships

Gain comprehensive insight into your customers and their requirements. Provide tailored services to meet individual customer needs, catering to their unique needs.

Customer data at your fingertips

AskHandle automatically extracts all the important data points from the conversations. You can easily access the customer details before following up with them and know exactly who your customers are and what they need.

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Customer feedback

Customer data at your fingertips
Customer data at your fingertips

Personal customer interactions

AskHandle analyzes user data, preferences, and past interactions to provide tailored responses and recommendations. It engages customers in meaningful conversations, understanding their unique needs and preferences. By tailoring responses and recommendations, AskHandle creates a more personalized experience, fostering trust and loyalty.

Customers enjoy the convenience and relevance of these interactions, leading to increased satisfaction and a deeper connection with the brand, ultimately resulting in stronger, long-lasting customer relationships.

Keep your processes

AskHandle seamlessly integrates with your favorite management systems. Easily manage all your customer data in your existing management system without any interruption to your current workflows.


Capture customer feedback

The best way to keep improving your service is to get feedback from people that are using your service. After each chat, your customers have the option to leave a feedback and rate your service. This option is extremely valuable to discover opportunities to make your service even better.

AskHandle gives you the tools necessary to improve your customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Customer data at your fingertips
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