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Last updated: January 16, 2024

Installation on

Installing AskHandle on websites is a simple process. There are two steps to do it:

  1. Copy the install code.
  2. Paste the install code into the body section of websites.

Detailed installation instructions are provided below.

Step 1: Getting the install code Log in to your AskHandle account, hover over the left sidebar menu, and click on “Installation.”

Step 2: Copy the install code Once you are in the “Installation” section, click “Copy.”

Step 3: Go to Settings Log in to your website with your administrator account. Find “Settings” on the left sidebar menu and click on it.

Step 4: Go to Tracking tools After clicking on “Settings,” another menu will appear. Find “Advanced Settings” and click on the “Tracking Tools” option.

Step 5: Go to New Tool Locate and click the “+ New Tool” option in the Tracking Tools section. Then, select </> Custom from the menu.

Step 6: Paste the install code Locate the field labeled “Paste the code snippet here:”, choose “Body - start” from the “Place code in” option, and paste the install code you copied in Step 1.

Click the “Apply” button to save your code snippet, and you are all set! Now, you can see AskHandle on your Wix website.

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